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Our Values

We at 2+O® place sustainability and responsible practices at the heart of our organisation. We believe that the economy exists as a subset within the environment, and that it is in everyone’s interests to create as little negative impact on earth as possible and co-exist with nature.

From sourcing to manufacturing, packaging, to the end of use, we have been careful to make our supply chain process as green as possible. As a fashion business, we realise that it is the second most polluting industry in the world, and we see ourselves as a participant in the slow fashion movement.

We adhere to high personal standards in everything we do. We pride ourselves in using only quality fabrics and creating a comfortable experience for all who try on our apparel. When choosing materials, we consider how sustainable it is, softness, its breathability and whether it can trigger allergies.


We use only fabrics that are renewable, such as cotton, bamboo and Tencel™, eco-friendly, biodegradable fibres with their own attributes. We source our cotton and bamboo from China, and Tencel™ from Indonesia.


A common feature in our collection is cotton, a natural material we enjoy working with, and we use organic where possible, including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. Bamboo and Tencel are both a type of lyocell, derived from plants and turned into textile as part of a closed loop system – a production process we appreciate because it addresses waste during manufacturing.

With raw materials sourcing and manufacturing occurring in Asia, we keep transportation miles to a minimum, hence keeping our carbon footprint as lean as possible.


We aim for consistency in our business practices, opting for post-consumer mailers, and ensuring all our packaging is recyclable.

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