Behind the Label: An Interview with twopluso® Designer, Jenny Wilkinson

In our first interview of the Behind the Label series, we get to know Jenny Wilkinson, the designer behind the clothing you see in twopluso®’s debut eco fashion collection.

1. Tell us a bit about your career as a fashion designer? 

I went to Parsons School of Design, NY, knowing that I wanted to become a designer, but it wasn’t until my senior year that I was obsessed with kidswear more than any other division. But before I deep dived into the fashion design world, I wanted to try out different things see if I really wanted fashion design and also to see different industries of design. So I started working in various fields of design – interior design and marketing design – and by the time I graduated, I ended up loving fashion more. My first project out of school was my own semi-couture capsule collection for teen girls. This capsule collection reflected my philosophy of designing – adding personality in to clothing, building a lifestyle for kids, not just a piece of sewn fabric for the sake of following the trend. To me, it’s not about wearing what others wear, doing what others are doing, it’s about creating something new, something that is unique to me that speaks for my personality. 

I’m a multi tasker, interested in various fields of designs, so just doing fashion design sketches on paper didn’t satisfy me. So I moved in to consulting for starting brands with where to start and what to begin with, including branding, merchandise planning, sourcing, technical planning as well as actual designing. It involves me in multiple different expertise and processing, and it keeps me motivated.

2. What are some of the brands you have designed or worked for?

I’ve consulted for multiple starting brands on designs, branding, and merchandising to their needs and styles. Sophie Catalou, Giorgio Armani Junior, HaruHaru, Nina & Nelli are a few, and few other private brands.

3. What is your design style?

Timeless designs that captures a personality through details.

My philosophy for designing for kidswear is breaking the boundary and stereotypes for kidswear - pink and blue with spangles and cartoon characters. I used to dress myself as a kid, and I wanted to look classic and adult-like. The market’s been moving towards more casual and streetwear for kids, but I want to build a lifestyle clothing that is just as comfortable and easy to run around in as much as they are classy.

4. What inspires you and what was your inspiration for this collection?

As a designer and an artist, I have always been inspired by architecture – its lines and textures. For this launching collection, I wanted to echo the simple silhouettes and mute colors of Asian styles with the vibrant colors of California. 

5. Which is your favorite piece from this collection?

I’d say the hooded styles – hoodie and hoodie dress – since it reflects on the casual and unique looks that twopluso® and myself is all about. 

6. Which fabrics do you enjoy working with most?

I personally love wovens – linen, wool shirting, brushed twill - and cozy knits. I love the structure and the texture they hold.

7. What's next for you? What can we expect in the next collection?

I see so much potential and growth for twopluso® in its niche, my next step would be to grow as a designer myself and with the brand so that it can get to its ultimate goal as a lifestyle brand.


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