We can do better #twogether.

twopluso® has teamed up with JOURNEY to create the 'Colours of Life' collection, a line of vibrant tote bags that showcase the talents of artists with special needs.

We believe that by supporting our local communities and giving consideration to the ecological effects of our consumption habits, we can create positive social and environmental impact.

The ‘Colours of Life’ Collection

Named after the theme of the artwork series, these limited-edition twopluso® linen bags feature four unique, vibrant designs created by JOURNEY artists. The bags are intentionally made spacious and easily accommodates a laptop, and comes with an inner compartment for delicate items, making it a versatile everyday carryall.

JOURNEY is a Singapore brand that represents the creative talents of people with intellectual disabilities, and it currently supports some 60 artists from TOUCH SpecialCrafts who earn an income from the sale of their art, and gain access to opportunities for collaborations that showcase their talent and tenacity.

For every bag we sell or give away with purchase, we make a donation to TOUCH Community Services. All net profits will be directed towards their organisation and its meaningful programmes.

These bags retail for S$28.80 each, and a bag will be given with S$80 and above spent in a single receipt on twopluso® products, simply add the bag of your choice to your shopping cart (while stocks last).

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Our Collaboration

This partnership was borne out of a desire to give back to a community cause by means of sustainable fashion. We wanted to showcase JOURNEY’s artists and highlight their social impact, and we felt that a tote bag would be the perfect canvas to display their beautiful artworks. 

We also wish to highlight that that we can all make conscious choices in our purchasing behaviour by not only supporting products that benefit community groups through what we buy, but to also consider the environmental impact of our consumption habits.

Not all tote bags are made equal. As a brand that values naturally-sourced materials with renewable and biodegradable fibres, we considered the environmental resources required among varied natural materials. Linen stood out for us because it uses significantly less water and energy compared to cotton and canvas material.

Regarded as one of the least ecologically damaging textiles, linen comes from flax, a resilient plant which requires less water, fertiliser and pesticides to grow on a commercialscale, regardless of whether it is organic or otherwise. By selecting unbleached and undyed linen, the incidence of the water pollution is further minimised.

Let’s create positive social and environmental impact together.

The Artists and their artworks

JOURNEY’s special artists are adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities from the TOUCH Special Needs Group. They attend visual art programmes at TOUCH SpecialCrafts, where their talents and skills in the craft are developed through training and exposure to different art forms. Art has given many of them a new lease of life and a platform of hope in expressing their thoughts and emotions. Their artistic talents are conveyed through a wide range of products under the JOURNEY brand, from ceramic plates to paintings and print.

Our tote bags feature artworks by Chew Mei Hui, Loh Wei Jie, Toh Hui Ping, and one more artist who prefers to remain anonymous. These pieces convey the artists’ view of colours and life in their mind’s eye.


Nostalgia – Chew Mei Hui


Joy – Loh Wei Jie




Sanguine – Toh Hui Ping

Why TOUCH Community Services?

We chose to partner TOUCH Community Services because of the impact they create for adults with intellectual disabilities. It is important to us that all are given means to develop their talents and skills for a brighter future.

From their long list of accolades, it was clear to us that they have a committed, highly qualified team. Since 2016, they have received the Charity Transparency Governance award, this is a testament that TOUCH Community Services is consistent in demonstrating high standards of good governance.